At Royale Medical Hospital, we care about your health and the health of your family.

An Amazing Story of How It All Began.

The Royale Medical Company Ltd opened its doors on June 1, 1996.

It started on the return of our founder, Dr. E.O. Nepaul to Savanna-la-Mar from England. He found that there was nowhere in western Jamaica that provides private medical care, especially for women, and so saw the need to open an office.

The name “Royale Medical” came about as a result of Dr. Nepaul not wanting to use his personal name and to use a name befitting how he wanted patients experience to be while visiting the centre and one that’s good enough to use for generations to come. Thus the name Roayle Medical Centre was coined.

Providing Care for Everyone

Working alongside the Savanna la mar Public General Hospital we strive to offer optimum care to all. Since then, many persons, locally and overseas, have passed through our doors, having received exceptional services.

At inception, Royale Medical Hospital, Clinic and Imaging Centre, specialized in women’s health, and was predominantly a maternity center. However, as the company evolved, so did the diverse nature of the services being offered.

Our dedicated staff work to meet the needs of clients in everyday.

The staff of Royale is courteous and strives for professionalism in all areas, from the cleaner to the director. We work as a family with the end theme (Together every one achieves more). They are a dedicated “bunch” always offering service with a smile and exude a willingness to always go the extra mile.

Information on our services can be obtained by calling our offices located at 10 Lewis Street, Savanna -la- mar, Westmoreland, Jamaica, at 876-955-3154/9709, or email us at or

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