1. I was on vacation, took ill and had to be hospitalized at the Royale Medical Hospital; the entire experience was great. I was treated royally. Thomas: Canada

2. Nurse McKenzie and her team are out of this world. They make delivery with all its pain a memorable experience. Royale Medical is truly royal. KG

3. The staff at Royale is friendly, nice, easy to talk to, and very supportive. BT

4. I do not like hospitals – but Royale medical is like a home away from home. JM

5. I had to do a minor procedure and it was over before I realized it had even begun. The team was really very good and made me feel very comfortable, I would recommend anyone to Royale, there price is truly affordable. DH

6. I checked in on Tuesday February 18, 2014 for Ovarian Cyst Operation. The welcome was warm and friendly and I felt like I was in for a normal check-up.

When Dr. Nepaul came by my bedside at about 12:OO pm asking if I wanted to be the first patient for the theatre I gladly say yes. Reality finally hits when I was on the operating table at about 12:28 when I saw the Anesthetic Nurse started his procedure (who of course was gentle and friendly) but I kept calm until the next thing I know I was back in my room been awaken by the very Dr. Beharie who of course is gentle, kind and caring.

After the surgery, back in my room Nurse McKenzie (who everybody knows is the BEST treated me well). There was also Nurse Gayle
(although young) was very kind, caring and friendly. She acted with such maturity. The other attendants were kind and caring just don’t remember their names).

Overall it was a fantastic experience and I would recommend anyone to stay at Royale. Keisha G: My Stay at Royale Medical Centre February 18 -19, 2014